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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Seattle + Disneyland(?!)

Now that I'm a big (small) shot executive, I went on my first ever business trip out to Seattle and was joined by Mom and Grandma in the city they love so much!

I look big-time, right?  Right??

We went on an unexpected visit to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and it was incredibly moving and inspiring:

Pioneer Square glass blowers- a Seattle favorite since my childhood:

We had a marvelous time, but the best part of all is that when three days straight of my flights home were projected to be cancelled because of the East Coast blizzard, my amazingly persuasive husband convinced the airline to fly me down the coast to California for free so I could stay with my parents and not have to pay for continued hotel fare.  (Love him!!)

So, the best kind of vacation ensued!  One that required no stress to make sure I had the vacation time, one that required no airfare, and one that required no hotel fees.  And to add to it, my brother, #1 sister-in-law, and #1 niece were down at my parents at the same time to go to Disneyland!

You guys!  I got to go to Disneyland with my niece instead of endure the blizzard out east!  I could not have planned this better if I had tried!

God is good!  And so is my family!


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